Full Production of emotions

Sence Asia

SEN SOY   |   2 200 000+ views   |   > 70% till the end   |   90% wow-comments

Olymp Trade

Crypto project

MMA show. We're returned

MMA SHOW    |     TeleClub Production and Suicide Art

Real-estate Agency Camp

Etagi real-estate agency    |   5 000 000+ views   
VIBER   |   3 000 000+ views   |   4 episodes   |   Screencast

InThisTogether. Untouchable series

Best boxing show

RCC BOXING   |   World title fight    |    TeleClub Production and Suicide Art

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«Talents. Highly recommendation»
«Wide pool of experts»
«BBF have no limits in inspiration»
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«Bring their own value at each stage»
«Understanding of brand + well filmed»
«Sensitive attitude in every detail»
Clients talk about us
"More than satisfied" NeoSense , "Sensitive attitude in every detail" Porter Novelli, "High quality to the international standards."International Young Physicists 'Tournament, "Understanding of brand + well filmed" Storytel, "Bring their own value at each stage" Deltaplan AG, "Deep and correct understanding of us" SenSoy, "BBF have no limits in inspiration" Viber, "Wide pool of experts" INGAKA Centers, "Talents. Highly recommendation" VK

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